The Food Lovers: Liz Nguyen & Joseph Tam

At Eat Chay, we create delicious food that happens to be plant-based.

Our food is inspired by our childhood memories and our travel experiences. We make our own twists on the original comfort food by taking away the unnecessary animal products, and giving fresh fruits and vegetables the spotlight they deserve.

The kitchen has always been our safe haven. After the long hours at work and the stressful projects at university, our time shared in the kitchen is the time that we look forward to the most. And that’s where Eat Chay was born.

We are not vegans ourselves. But we love cooking with vegetables and thinking about food in a modern and creative way.

We want to show you that plant-based food can be both flavoursome and good for your health. We think that non-vegans are missing out on some seriously good food.

We are here to make vegan food accessible and enjoyable for everybody!