we make great tasting food that happens to be plant-based

We started Eat Chay as two fresh uni graduates, with absolutely zero experience in the food industry, all we had was some money we saved up from working part-time while studying, a pocket full of dreams and a love of cooking. On our first day of trading at Brick Lane market, we had a cooler box, a table cloth, a small pan and a mini stove. We spent all night hand cutting our seitan and frying EVERY SINGLE PIECE with chopsticks!

A lot has changed - we now have a machine so we don't have to cut 12434809320 pieces of seitan by hand anymore, and there's a bunch of us now - an incredible team of passionate and hard working individuals.

But one thing remains the same: we use exciting new ingredients to re-create our childhood dishes, without the unnecessary use of animal products, yet still keeping intact all the flavours that can take you right back to East Asia where we grew up.