Coffee was introduced into Vietnam by the French in the 18th century and soon became a beloved drink. The first component of this drink is condensed milk, which was originally used because fresh milk was rare at the time. The second component is rich dark roast coffee (our favourite brand is Trung Nguyen). However the best thing about authentic Vietnamese coffee must be the Phin filter - which is sort of like the stripped down baby version of a French press. Phin filter allows cafes and restaurants to serve coffee quickly and freshly as the coffee is being brewed as they are served. It is incredibly soothing to watch your coffee drip one drop at a time.

At Eat Chay, we created a lighter and healthier version without sacrificing the richness or sweetness of the authentic recipe.


1 cup soaked cashews

3/4 cup plant milk (we used soy milk)

1-2 tbsp maple syrup

Ground coffee (preferably a dark roast)

Phin filter (or coffee-making method of choice)


Make vegan condensed milk

1. Soak cashews in cold water overnight

2. Blend together cashews, plant milk and maple syrup until completely smooth. You can add more maple syrup or sugar if you like your coffee on the sweeter side.

3. For a 200ml serving, pour 2-3 tbsp of vegan condensed milk into your cup.

Make coffee using Phin filter

1. Add 2 tbsp of ground coffee into the chamber

2. Shake the chamber to even out the coffee surface

3. Put the chamber on top of your cup which has already had the vegan condensed milk in it

4. Place the press firmly on top of the coffee surface (but not too tightly as this might prevent the water to get through later)

5. Pour in hot water, make sure that coffee is dripping. If not, adjust your press.

6. Close lid and wait for all the coffee to drip!

If you don't have a Phin filter, just make coffee using your preferred method then pour over your condensed milk and stir well. Serve hot or with ice.