The Viets love their coffee. But instead of picking up theirs in paper cups, they spend hours of their day sipping on tiniest cups of coffee. But it's more than just getting a caffeinated pick-me-up, coffee shops are where people meet and socialise. In Hanoi, you could find the elderly, the taxi drivers, the office workers, the high school kids sitting on tiny plastic chairs on the pavement with a coffee drink in front of them.

One of my favourite caffeinated drink is coconut coffee. It is simply filtered coffee topped with blended ice with coconut cream and condensed milk. Of course here at Eat Chay, we make ours vegan and sometimes, with a bit of rum. And what a better day to have a boozy coffee drink than Christmas day - on a Sunday nevertheless (drink responsibly!).  

Step aside Baileys, there's a new festive coffee drink in town - and this one is all vegan!



150 ml coconut cream (you can put your coconut milk in the fridge over night for cream to separate on top)

10 ice cubes

2-3 tbsp maple syrup

Rum (optional)

The Recipe

1. Make coffee using your preferred method

2. Let coffee cool down slightly before putting into a heat-proof jar.

3. Shake jar to create a layer of foam on top.

4. In a high speed blender, blend together the ice cubes, coconut cream (without coconut milk) and maple syrup until a snowy mixture is formed. Add more ice cubes if needed.

5. In a glass, add a splash of rum, add your foamy coffee and top with the coconut mixture.


Merry Christmas everybody!